Gps-koordinater, spårlogg, waypoints och geocachar till tidigare rundvandringarna finns för kostnadsfri nerladdning I samband härmed har under åren mängder av frågor rörande gps -användning i naturen framförts.En handbok om gps har hittills saknats. Halva boken utgör en handbok i hur en gps kan förgylla vandringsäventyret, andra halvan innehåller 12 övningar och rundvandringar med samma upplägg som tidigare. Av dessa är 5 förlagda till Öresundsregionen, 3 till Göteborg- Bohuslän och 4 till Stockholms - trakten

In English

The most valuable information your gps gives you is your location anywhere on the planet. This is a good a reason as any for owning one. When you move, with your gps turned on, it will record a trail of the route you cover. This can be used to retrace your steps if you get lost or to plot on a digital map when you get back. The five titles in the series “rundvandringar”, circular walks, are all gps enabled, which means a list of waypoints are included alongside the description of the walk together with sections of maps with the walks outlined. The latest title “rundvandringar med gps” describes all the added benefits your gps brings to walking and also contains 12 different circular walks in Scania, Gothenburg and Stockholm. With these maps you can try out your newfound knowledge. The guide also gives you a hands-on experience on how to geocache, gives useful hints on how to read a map and use a traditional compass, how to get your gps to communicate with your computer and tag your photos with coordinates and publish them on the web and  …………….

The use of a gps brings greater confidence and safety to your walk. With this help you are able to cover ground a lot faster should the need occur. The technology has an universal appeal, as male and female, young and old alike explore its capabilities.

What can a gps do for you?

Photos from the walks-Bilder från rundvandringarna